Pleasuring Women
Asian Porn star.

I’m part Jamaican and I’ve realized that a lot of black men LOVE Asian women. Something about the way they fuck, their petite size, and supposedly a very very tight pussy. Most Asian women, I’ve come to find out, LOVE black men or white guys. I haven’t really met any Asians that we’re interested in my mix. Even though I’m part Jamaican, my hair isn’t anything like theirs. I have long, thick, curly, black (dark brown), hair that most women are envious of. So that right there, throws any woman off from thinking I’m black. They might think it, but are never sure because of my hair.

One of the things I found out, is that most Asians fuck like Porn stars. I always laughed at this notion, since every girl has sex their own different way. During my college years, I lived in one of the nation’s largest party areas. All I will say is that it was on the West Coast. During the weekends, kids would over flow the streets, going from house party to house party.

I happened to be walking down the street with some friends, when I noticed a very sexy Chinese (she told me later she was Chinese) girl. As our group of friends went by each other on the road, we kept holding eye contact. But as I mentioned previously, normally any Asian girl, is definitely not interested in me. I remember looking behind me to make sure she wasn’t looking at some one else. She caught that, and when I looked back at her she was smiling. I don’t smile, I only laugh, which is exactly what I did. She stopped me as we passed each other. Our friends continued to walk on, not noticing in their drunken states.

“What’s your name?” she asked, I replied and in turn she told me hers.  We’ll call her June. June heard her friends calling her name, her friends had noticed, so had mine. We exchanged numbers quickly and she told me to call her. I was drunk and couldn’t wait, about a minute after the numbers being exchanged, I sent her a text. If I turned around I could probably still see her walking down the street. But she had made the moves, so I wasn’t going to make her wait. Girl’s almost never make moves on me. I’m not an inviting guy, when I walk, I walk with a destination in mind and my thoughts. I never smile unless I’m laughing. I’m usually a guy whose hidden in the shadows, I’m the darkness, and most don’t find it friendly. They find it mysterious, but mysterious doesn’t make a woman come up to talk to me, since I don’t seem friendly.

Somehow she saw right through that. So I sent her a text, we talked for about an hour or so. Learning a few things about another, of course being polite at first, then extremely dirty. FInally I couldn’t take all this dirty talk anymore, I told her I was leaving and going home. She sent me a ” :-( ” and of course I responded with, “would you like to join me?” I got a reply that said yes

I remember driving up to her place and picking her up, she was coming from my left, so she had to walk in front of my head lights. That’s when I noticed her ass and thought wow, she actually has a very nice round one. It was a pleasant surprise. She was around 5’5, had long hair, halfway down her back, but that night she had put it up. I saw she had long hair, just no idea how long. She got into my car and we said our hello’s. I drove back to my place. We sat and listened to music, small chit chat. We knew what the point of this was. We weren’t going to be best friends and weren’t soul mates, we both just wanted to fuck each other.

One thing I loved about June, is she just took control. She was very intelligent, majoring in chem and minoring in bio. I remember this part only cause well, it was very surprising, who would do that? June did. When we reached my place, June dropped her bag onto my couch (I later found out it contained homework) and then she just walked into my bedroom. Before I had even locked my front door, she was already there. I walked into my bedroom and she was lying on my bed. No need to be polite now.

I walked over and laid beside her and we started kissing passionately, but rough. It was as if the longer we kissed the more passion she released, until she was at a level most would consider out of control. She ripped my clothes off, straddled me and kissed me all over. My neck, shoulders, chest, nipples, and she was slowly moving down. I just laid there in ecstasy as she began to suck my dick. No words were exchanged between us. We were fucking like strangers. This is something I would probably consider a fetish. Speaking only through the act of sexual passion and not knowing anything about each other except what we discover and learn as we explore. I know I’m weird, but it’s much better than being normal. 

Once she got my dick hard and she couldn’t take it anymore, she slid on top of me, took off her shirt and bra, put her hands on my chest and just began to ride me. June was fucking me hard, in complete control, I was loving this. She started to scream, luckily I had closed all my windows before I left. But fuck it if I got any complaints, this was worth it. My dick was hers and she was using and abusing it. I leaned up to lick her erect nipples, I sucked on them hard, letting my tongue roll over them. Then I nibbled on them a bit. June loved this as she looked up and began to moan louder. June began to ride me harder and harder. I thought to myself, she’s fucking me like a Porn star.

June suddenly stopped, leaned down, gave me kisses, I think she had just cum. But I had no clue. As quickly as she started kissing me, she stopped, sat upright again and then with my dick still inside her, she twisted around. Reverse Cowgirl. She leaned forwards and grabbed my ankles, her ass was right in my face. I placed both my hands on it and grabbed her cheeks. She was bouncing up and down my dick, screaming. I squeezed them hard, then spanked both of them at the same time. June let out screams when I was doing this. She knew exactly how to use the full extent of my dick, never allowing it to slip out of her wet pussy.

I was amazed, usually a girl gets into it so much, that she forgets it isn’t a foot long. But June didn’t, she was precise and accurate during her fucking. I was just watching her sexy ass bounce up and down my dick. Her asshole open a bit, I slipped a finger inside of her without any objections. Lovely. June screamed louder as I was ass fucking her with my finger, feeling my dick on the other side. She released my ankles and sat up, still fucking me, and undid her hair. It fell halfway down her back and I just stared at it. She reached for my ankles again and as her ass just bounced.

June had been in control the whole time, I wanted some of that. Now that her hair was hanging down freely, I reached up and grabbed the end of it. I pulled on it, this never interrupted her motion, as we continued to fuck, screams escaping her lips. I pulled her close to me, she had to arch her back, then leaned back, arms on my chest. I was pulling on her hair, when she was right where I had her, I grabbed her hips, held her up and let my dick slide deep inside of her. Her pussy was wet, I could hear it. Her nails dug into my chest and I fucked her as hard and deep as I could. Making sure every thrust was powerful, speed was irrelevant.

I loved making June scream, we were complete strangers, yet utterly satisfying each others needs. Her screams grew louder with every thrust, her arms began to shake a little, I could feel her quiver, she was cumming all over my dick. I didn’t stop. Unless a girl tells you to stop when she’s cumming, you better not ever do it. You fuck her right through her orgasm, and that’s what I did. Until she, completely out of breath, told me to stop. She collapsed on top of me, dick still inside of her. I wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her nipples, letting my fingers run all over her. After a minute she moved forward. “Come with me” she said, so I did. I moved forward as she did, she slipped onto her knees and hands, dick still inside of her. I was grabbing and squeezing her ass, we were in the doggy style position.

I love this position, I truly do, anal and pussy. Before I was even moving, she was already sliding back and forth on my dick. Impatient she was, but I was enjoying it. My hands ran down her back, then I leaned forward, kissing her neck and shoulders, letting my tongue slide down her collar bone. I yanked her hair hard, she screamed and loved it. Then I put my nails in her back and scratched her until I reached her hips, then I firmly gripped them.

I don’t think I’ve ever fucked anybody that hard and rough, just pure fucking, nothing else. If she was feeling any pain, it was overwhelmed by all the pleasure. I was sliding in and out of her pussy, using every inch, and pounding her wet pussy as hard as I could. Every time I slipped all the way inside her deep wet pussy, the sounds that came to life were extremely loud. Louder than when I was spanking her with my hands. To test it I spanked her ass, her right cheek first with a hand. She loved this. I could hear the mixture of pleasure and pain as the moans escaped her mouth. Then I smacked her ass really hard with both hands at the same time, this took her by surprise. June’s moans this time revealed more pain, as my dick slid inside her pussy hard. I loved this, hearing the pain in her voice, yet knowing the pleasure completely overwhelmed it.

I was rock hard, dick soaked by her juices. I could feel myself getting close to cumming. But I wanted to do it my way, I truly wanted to test her. I stopped fucking her, hands still on her hips and flipped her onto her back. June did a barrel role of sorts. My dick still inside of her, I grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulders. Pushing down on them, this raised her ass off my bed, I lifted up a bit and slid deep inside of her. The moment of truth, would it be too much pain or enough pleasure to overlap it?

I used all my body weight and force, to drive my dick as deep inside of her as I could. I was hitting the end, I could feel it, I could hear it. June was pushing me off her, trying to hold me back from going so deep. At first she was able to resist, but ultimately the pleasure felt better than the pain. I love when a girl resists me, allowing me to fuck her harder. I asked her where she wanted me to cum. June said, “All over me, I want to feel your cum all over me.” I fucked her hard and deep. We were both sweating at this point, are bodies soaked. I couldn’t resist any longer, she felt too good. I was going to cum, about to cum, I was cumming! I pulled my dick out of her pussy and shot all over her. I hit her face, her neck, her breasts and last but not least her stomach.

June was drenched in my cum and sweat. I was shaking and about to collapse. June saw this and grabbed me, pulling on top of her. My dick resting on her pussy and clit, our bodies sweaty, my cum on her, now on me as well. We just laid there, exhausted, out of breath.

June fucked like a porn star. I was smiling big time.

“Why you smiling?” June asked. “Oh, nothing” I replied.

What a fucking lie.