Pleasuring Women
Drug & Sex. (Cocaine)

It took me a long time to figure this one out, perhaps I had a blond moment, or am just extremely slow at random times. Probably the latter, either way, I finally figured it out. The problem that I had was that I smoked weed while doing cocaine. That is probably the worst thing to do, for a guy. Since the depressant affect with the cocaine resulted in a limp dick. Impossible to get hard, I actually found out that, that is one of the few times you can cum without having a hard on. For a woman, cocaine, weed, it won’t matter, you will still be horny and craving sex. For a guy we will crave it and be horny, our body just won’t function the right way.

Until one night, I didn’t have any weed and only did coke, perhaps had a few beverages but that was insignificant. That night, I was able to have sex, a lot of sex, for a long time, with a hard dick, but it was somewhat numb due to the cocaine, but never going limp. That’s when I realized that sex on cocaine was actually pretty good. Before I had thought of it as a myth, a fairy tale, something just made up. But it was actually true. As long as you, the male, don’t smoke marijuana on it, you’ll be good to go. If you smoke marijuana, you’re done for, guaranteed. No matter how horny and how bad you want it, it won’t work, since the marijuana and cocaine are fighting against each other. 

Which leaves your dick in the middle, limp. It’s a very unfortunate situation. So if you do it and plan to have sex, just stick to Cocaine, or else don’t bother getting laid, cause you’ll only embarrass yourself.

For women, cocaine usually drives your sex-drive very high, not because you’re horny, but because you’re heart is racing and you need something to match it. Your choices are either running or having sex and getting pleasured. Luckily you don’t have a penis that needs to get hard by having blood pumped into it. You just need to relax and let someone please you. Cocaine is a stimulant and on it, you need to be stimulated, and the next best stimulation is sex.

Cocaine numbs, I know for a guy it numbs the sensitivity in his dick, able to make him last longer while staying rock hard. For women I’m not sure, but I assume it would have a similar effect. Allowing you to feel a high intensity of pleasure, while staying wet for an elongated period. Basically fucking like rabbits, literally. Hard and fast, rough if you desire. It is a pleasurable feeling, but not my cup of tea.

In the end, I only had one success and it was great, but the one time was enough for me. I prefer, if I’m on drugs, to rather be on different drugs than cocaine, ones that are much more satisfying. But some people purely love it, and to each their own.

To me, when you’re on cocaine and having sex, you’re more or less fucking yourself instead of someone else.