Pleasuring Women
Female Orgasm.

Why do I love watching a girl orgasm? I wondered myself that. At first I thought it was because it shows how good I am. Then I thought It was because I loved the pleasure she received, only to realize the former and latter are the same thing. So what is the reason, why so much satisfaction from watching a woman orgasm? It’s very simple. An orgasm is truth, absolute truth. You move and react the way you do, due to intense pleasure that overwhelms your body and stimulates your mind. For once you have no control, there’s no lie, nothing hiding. Every movement, breath, twitch, is completely honest. And because it’s absolute, it is beautiful. Because it’s completely honest, you have front row seats to literally, a once in a lifetime show. For each orgasm will be different. And as I watch, it possibly lasting 5 seconds to (3 min) 45 seconds, I record every detail in my memory, without knowing, until I think of the memory and it comes splashing back in vivid detail. I love making a woman orgasm. My younger sibling once asked me, “How do you know that they aren’t faking it?” I looked at her and smiled, “Because no lady could possibly fake that intensity”, I replied. I’m not saying each lady I’ve been with I’ve made them cum, just that there was never a necessity. But when it did happen, It wasn’t fake.

The moment when a woman reaches an orgasm is lovely, so lovely, that if her orgasm is intense enough, If you asked her if she loved you, she’d probably say yes. Later of course she’d retract her answer, but still. Because in that moment she did, she felt something so intense and pure, that it was Love exploding. I don’t think there’s ever a moment that specifically derives from reaction with out any disguises, except that one. Hence I love watching it happen. It’s completely raw.