Pleasuring Women
The Massage.

I met a girl named Elis once over at my friend Jean’s house. Elis was visiting the states and staying at their place because she knew one of Jean’s room mates. The first night I got a call from Jean, who is this bi, petite, cute surfer girl. On the phone I heard she was very excited about her and I thought to myself, she must like her. One thing about Jean is she doesn’t like a girl unless they are gorgeous. Very shallow, but I liked her taste. Before Jean hung up, she told me that she used to be a model. Most would be excited to hear this, most models are beautiful. I wasn’t, I had done some photography for a few years, and knew that  models, true models, were/are pains.

No matter, I still stopped by and met Elis. When I came over, they were in a small room that they had given to Elis. Jean was going through all the photos and cover shots she had. She had plenty of magazines with her face on it, lots of beautiful images done by excellent photographers. Jean was going through her portfolio, at least the amount she could bring with her without it being excessive. Elis offered me to join in with my friend Jean and look. I obliged and looked at the images, studied them well. Some were absolutely amazing, pure beauty. But Jean was already giving enough compliments for the two of us. I just sat and looked, not saying a word. After a couple of minutes, Elis asked me if I liked them, I told her I did, but not with much excitement or wonder. I kept that to myself. But from that moment, her and I were inseparable for months. We had caught each others interests. Every day we were together, eating dinner, breakfast, doing what we wanted.

After a month, I remember Jean noticing something going on between us. When I first met Jean, there was nothing between us, we didn’t click well, couldn’t even hang out. We ended up being friends, but completely platonic. Only when she noticed that Elis and I liked each other, did she take interest. One night we were all drunk, had just gotten back to Jean’s house. Just the three of us in an empty house. We were all horny, Jean was hanging on Elis, Elis on me, and I on her. Jean suggested we have a threesome. Elis said she wasn’t really into girls. Jean pursued it anyways, they made out, I watched, but hoped that it would end. Why? because I wanted Elis all to myself. Jean invited me to join and I resisted, just watched. But soon Elis resisted as well, by needing to puke. She got up and ran towards the bathroom. I followed and helped her out. Jean went to bed disappointed.

The next month, Elis and I digressed, saw less of each other, she hung out with other people. We still spent time together, but not like before. I think she thought I didn’t have any interest in her besides a friend. We still hadn’t kissed, she wondered what I was waiting for. She retaliated by becoming distant, to see if I cared and would reach out. Of course I did. At some point she told me that she had sex with somebody else. This made me somewhat jealous, to hear that she had fucked a guy. Maybe I was wrong and she didn’t have an interest. But I reacted calmly, just asked her why, how was it, etc.?

After that, we were together again, partying, bars, dinners, clubs, everything. Elis liked me because she could complain about everything and I listened, shared my thoughts, but never got on her case about it. She also made sure to notify me that, everything was my decision. I would choose. She would always accept. Which meant I also had to make the first move. Knowing this, I become a tease and truly push the boundaries. I flirt but stay a gentleman. I learned I have patience, quite a  bit of it. We slept together in the same bed almost every day after 2 and half for months, she felt my hard on every morning, but If I didn’t make a move, she wouldn’t. I teased her for as long as I could.

Three months had passed and we finally kissed. A few nights after that we had sex. It was rough sex, I remember ripping off her panties, well most of her clothes actually. But that’s the only thing I remember. The next day I woke up in bed naked, next to her naked body, but no clue how we got naked. Elis was actually very upset the following morning at breakfast, since I hadn’t mentioned anything about it. She had to bring it up, which she didn’t want to do. She reminded me about ripping her clothes off. I did good though, because she did not believe that I didn’t remember. I mean at least if I didn’t rave about her photographs, I should have been raving about the sex. But no, in my mind it never happened. Unfortunately for me, she had never been so drunk that she blacked out. After a few more weeks with me, she definitely did and forgave me. 

So we finally had sex, but she is the only one that remembered. And because I didn’t, but I was there, she felt the need not to reveal to me what happened besides the clothes part. To this day i still don’t know.

I was being punished for two weeks, until she experienced her first black out. Elis understood and believed me, then I was in the clear. Right around the end of the fourth month, I planned a dinner at this wonderful Italian restaurant. Best in the area, we both loved Italian, so it was perfect. We both drank dirty martini’s, I love a good martini. Gin or Vodka. Depends on my mood. Elis and I were getting drunk, eating amazing food, in this nice, small restaurant. While we sat across from each other, our subconscious was mind-fucking the other. Every look, every movement, there was lust, desires, passion, teasing, just the anticipation of leaving. I wasn’t going to be an idiot tonight, I paced myself very well. Balancing on that line of perfectly tipsy, but nowhere near drunk. Mind you we were high (off weed) already, with plenty waiting for us at home. 

We were there for about four hours, there was no rush. It was very European style, allowing us to sit in peace and quiet until we desired to leave. Finally we left and went home.

Home sweet home, it definitely was. We went up the stairs to my bedroom, I shut the door. The door shut and the time had come. I watched her as she looked around to see where she would sit. It was cute. I walked over to her and Elis looked up at me, smiling. I grabbed her by her waist and pushed her back up against the wall. She hit the wall and my lips hit hers. We exchanged passionate kisses, her hands rubbing all over my head as I held her up against the wall. We continued to kiss and started sliding down towards the ground, her on top of me. My hands glided over her skin under her clothes, she wore a skirt, her long sexy legs completely bare.

Elis climbed off of me and went on her hands and knees. “Fuck me,” she said. That was the first time ever she had told me what to do. I was pleasantly surprised. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my erect dick and slid in deep inside of her warm, wet pussy. Elis let out an extremely loud moan as all of it went in.

At this point, I had not had sex in 6-7 months, maybe longer, also in the last month or two, we had spent every single moment together. I never masturbated once. This coming from a person who if he gives into his pleasures will masturbate at least once a day, sometimes two to three, maybe even four…if I’m dying. Ranging from 15 minutes to an hour and a half. All depends. Truthfully, at this point in time, I was dying.

The sound of her voice, with her accent, the anticipation, the teasing, the missed opportunity or forgotten one, the weed, the alcohol, the sudden domination, the build up, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I knew what would happen, I fucked her as hard, deep, and fast as I could. Elis was screaming, I told her I was going to cum. Elis told me to cum inside of her, then begged me. “Please, Please, just cum,” she said. I did, it felt too good to resist. I came deep inside of her, my knees and thighs shaking, holding onto her hips firmly. Hearing her moans fade as she tunes into mine. Then I collapse on top of her and we lay on the ground, she loved this. Elis started playing with my hair, running her fingers though it, that’s my sweet spot. After a little while, Elis began to move her hips, she was grinding on my dick, which was still hard. I hadn’t even noticed. I joined in with her, sliding in and out of her pussy as she lay on the ground, skirt above her ass. Her moans increasing with every deep thrust I was giving her. Suddenly I stopped, I wanted her completely.

But not after she complained of course for stopping. I replied with a smile. Grabbed her and took off her clothes (left on her shirt), and pushed her on the bed, I took mine off quickly and joined her. I moved on top of her, feeling our skins touch. Elis grabbed my dick and slid it inside of her pussy, I watched her face in slow motion, her reaction to the feeling. At that time, I though it was the most beautiful ever. Just to watch her face, feel her body, hear the sounds of pleasure, mixed with pain. If that is not beauty, I don’t know what is. All I could do is smile, as I watched her face each time I slid in and out of her. I did remember though that I needed to react as well. I was just captivated.

Gradually I took my eyes away from her face and focused in on her neck and clavicle, looking further down I could watch her chest expand and contract. My attention didn’t stray from her neck, I put my cheek against hers, letting my tongue slide down her jawbone onto her neck. I got closer to her clavicle and began to push down harder with my tongue, swirling around on her skin. When I got to my favorite spot, which is one of the tendons, I bit her. Elis screamed from pain, but she loved it. At this point I knew she had given herself up to me. I grabbed her legs, placed them on my shoulders, leaned forward, slid my arms underneath her shoulders and grabbed them. Elise was locked down. I found the perfect angle, started out slow and slid my dick in and out her pussy.

We were making out while this was happening. Her lips locked on mine, so I fucked her harder, to see if she could contain herself. Elis couldn’t, pretty soon she couldn’t kiss me anymore, her uncontrollable screams had taken over completely. I loved it, but I was hungry. Also I’m sure her screams were getting me close to cumming again, which I wasn’t going to do, not yet at least. 

Suddenly I pulled out of her pussy completely, and her legs shook a bit on my shoulders. She might have had a small orgasm, not sure. My head was down between her legs very quickly as I began to eat her pussy. Her legs wrapped around my head, her fingers running through my hair. I was loving the pleasure she was getting. My tongue rubbing her clit, her pussy wet, the sounds of perfect harmony for my ears. This would last long though, Elis didn’t want to be teased anymore. She forcefully pushed me off of her and put me on my back as she climbed on top of me. Her feet by my chest, she sat down on top of me, knees up in the air. She placed her hands down on my thighs and bounced up and down my dick. I followed her rhythm and made sure when she came down my dick went hard inside of her, like a head on collision.

After a while she leaned forward and placed her hands on my chest, still on her feet. I grabbed her hips and held her in place, it was my turn. I moved my hips up and down, with every up motion, I pulled her down hard on top of me. Our skin slapping each other hard. Elis couldn’t take it anymore, she ripped of her shirt, revealing her beautiful breasts, and only spoke in Portuguese to me. This turned me on. I had no idea what she was saying, but I quickly understood the most important parts. She dug her fingers into my chest, grabbing on my hair and pulling it.

Elis was about to lose it, but her legs gave up on her before she could. She collapsed on top of me, completely out of breath. I took advantage of her, rolled her onto her side, put one leg up against my chest and aimed for the g-spot. When I knew I was hitting it with the right angle, I didn’t stop. Her screams got more loud with every thrust, her arms were flailing around all over, she didn’t know what to grab hold of. I moved her leg off my chest and down, pushing it up towards her stomach a little, parting her ass. I grabbed her ass and parted it some more, then slid my dick as deep inside her pussy as I could. Elis began to cringe with every thrust, I began to do it harder and faster again. Since her arms were flailing around, I grabbed them so she wouldn’t slide away. That was the end.

Elis screamed, spoke in Portuguese, her hands clamped into fists, and her body shook. I continued as hard and deep as I could. Watching the reactions on her face, suddenly she started to push me off of her, I continued on harder. As she was pushing me off of her she came, her whole body started shaking, she creamed, instead of pushing me off of her, she retracted her arms and lifted her legs up. Elis was in a fetal position now, still cumming. She had covered her face, but laid there shaking for at least 10 minutes. The orgasm had completely overwhelmed her. I just sat and watched this incredible moment, it seemed as if she never stopped shaking.

I covered her up once she stopped shaking, that’s when she had fallen asleep. That entire night I stayed up, not able to believe what I saw. That moment made me realize that a woman’s orgasm is absolutely incredible.