Pleasuring Women
Best Ways for a Woman to Masturbate.

Best ways for a woman to masturbate?


Best ways? hmmm, interesting question. Definitely since I’m a man. But I’ll use my imagination and experience and give you the best possible answer. Of course it’s best for you to be in your most preferred setting and 100% sure you won’t be interrupted. Cell phone off. I would start off by just teasing your pussy with one finger. Rubbing around the lips, just getting the senses going and warmed up. Arouse yourself. Don’t go straight to the clit. Act as if your own hand is someone else’s. Perhaps base this off a prior experience you had with someone. Tease yourself, go against what you want to do. Rub closely around the clit and then go away from it, don’t give in until you really can’t take it anymore. Then rub your clit gently, lightly rub your finger over it, rub above your clit and slowly move down, going over it once and continuing down to your hole. Let your finger run around the rim of your pussy. Feel the wetness secreting out. Tease yourself and slide the tip of your finger in quickly and pull it out. Focus your attention back on your clit and rub it for a little while, until you hear yourself moaning loudly. Then take your finger off your clit and pinch your own nipples, squeeze your breasts, let your hands run all over your body. Then let them trail slowly towards your pussy, both hands. Use one hand to rub your clit, slowly again. Allow one finger to slide inside your pussy, when it’s all the way inside move it around in a circular motion. Gradually increase the speed at which your rubbing your clit. Gradually I mean very very very slowly. Go slightly faster every 30 seconds. You need to have 15 different gears, so slightly increase the speed. Now the finger inside of your pussy needs to be curled upwards. The tip rubs against the roof of your pussy lightly, as if trying to pull something out. Allow your finger to pop in and out of your pussy as you do that. Depending on freaky you want to get. After a little while you can slide the finger from your pussy inside your ass and slowly move it in and out. If you like this and can maneuver your fingers the right way, slide another finger in your pussy, and move them in and out of your pussy and ass. All the time still rubbing your clit. Then when you get close to cumming you can decide if you want to keep the finger in your ass or pussy or both. If you don’t like this, just keep the finger inside your pussy and rub the roof. When you’re starting to get close, let it subside a little, don’t lose it, but just tease yourself, take a 5-10 second break. Then continue you on and build up your orgasm. You can start off by rubbing your clit nice and fast, then going slower again but in steady motions. Slightly increasing speed again.

After this you’re all on your own, you keep doing what feels good until you make yourself cum extremely hard. Always practice and explore, it is your own body. Be creative and try new things. See what pleasure you enjoy. If you run out of ideas, I highly suggest watching pornos. You’ll probably see somethings in there you’d want to try. The best way is to know your own way.