Pleasuring Women
My First TIme…

My First time with an older woman. I was 17 for about 3 months. She was 33, three kids. Her eldest was 13. She looked almost exactly like Claire Dames the Porn star. So we shall call her that. I was over my friends house, smoking blunt after blunt. They were having a little get together. Me being the smoker that I am, at the time my friends were timing me to see how long I could hold my breath after taking a huge hit. I last about a minute and a half. People who say holding in smoke longer doesn’t get you any more high, are idiots. It most definitely does. I was so high I was looking down on the Universe.

Suddenly I got a text from Claire, asking if she wanted me to come over for the night and give her “typing lessons”. Weed is an aphrodisiac. I knew what “typing” meant. I got up, said I had to go and left without any explanations. Five seconds later I was down by my car and driving over to her place. On the drive I lit up a cigarette of course, got even more high/buzzed.

I reached Claire’s house, higher than a kit. She opened the door in booty shorts and a wife-beater (Random - weird name for a shirt), her hair was short. She had the same size booty asimage Claire Dames, sexy legs to match. I followed her inside, met her younger daughter, who was on TV watching the couch. Claire told her to her to go to bed. Her daughter obliged. I followed Claire’s ass into her room, when she told me that her daughter wasn’t going to go to sleep until she met me. She had seen picture and wanted to see me in real life to make sure I was just as cute.

I smiled, being High that I was. We entered her room, sat on her bed, she turned her lap top on. Then she grabbed a blunt and lit it up. “smoking first, then typing lessons?” I asked. “Of course” she said while smiling and smoke exhaling from her mouth. I wanted to kiss her at that moment, taste her lips and the weed. But I refrained myself. I was young.  We finished smoking the blunt. She grabbed her laptop, put it on her lap and looked at me. “So are you going to teach me how to type?” “Yeah, sure.” I said. I told her where to put her fingers. She laughed and said “show me, with your hands.” I scooted behind her, my arms around her arms, my hands on top of her hands. I showed her where to place her ten fingers on the keyboard. That’s as far as the typing lessons went.

Claire turned her head to face me and we began kissing passionately. My tongue sliding inside her mouth, caressing hers. She quickly moved the laptop onto her night stand and turned around all the way as we sat on her bed making out, our hands running all over each other. All this teasing, anticipation, being extremely high, it being my first time, was an amazing experience and feeling. Her being so much older and mature. She knew what she wanted. I loved it.

Moments later I was ripping her clothes off, getting her completely naked. She laid down on her back. I kissed her neck and moved down her shoulders and breast. I licked around her nipples until they were nice and hard, then I licked them too. She was reacting to my tongue. Being High time moves by very slow. It seemed like forever when I went down her body towards her pussy. But she loved every second of it. When I reached my final destination, it was dripping wet that I had to lick it up, from the bottom. Didn’t want it to go to waste. I tasted her juices and savored it in my mouth like a fine wine. Then I kissed around her pussy lips, licked right above her clit. Claire began to moan louder. The teasing was killing her but she didn’t object. Torture. I moved farther away, kissing her inner thighs. (I was young and didn’t bite yet.) I could see her pussy getting more wet. Slowly my lips and tongue moved closer to her pussy again. This time I licked her lips and gradually made the circles tighter. Her moans became heavier. I finally went over her clit and she lost it. Her moans were loud now, she was shaking, her grip on my head (on top of my shoulders) got tighter. She couldn’t wait anymore and squeezed her legs around my head forcing my mouth on her pussy. I had to eat it and did with such pleasure and joy. 

There is no better music to one’s ears then hearing the  pleasures of a woman leave her mouth. Feeling her body react to your tongue’s every movement. My dick was hard and throbbing, it didn’t stop. I ate her out as her legs squeezed around my head tighter. Her breath became very shallow, at some moments she went completely quiet, just twitching in my mouth. Then she exhaled and released quick, loud moans. She was getting close. Also I have a tongue ring, when I knew she was getting close, I used the ball to rub her pussy right above her hole and the rest of my tongue pressed against her clit. I slowly licked up and let the ball go over her clit with the tip of my tongue following, licking it. Claire squeezed her head around my legs so tight that I couldn’t breathe anymore as I ate her out. She began to shake and burst out with a song of moans. She was cumming, very hard. Her pussy was just dripping into my mouth. At the time I enjoyed it a lot. In my mind I got a little cocky. This proved to myself that I was better than good at eating pussy. I was happy. 

I forgot I couldn’t breathe and to remove her legs from around my head with some strength. But I got my breath and she let me go slowly. She was still moaning, trembling somewhat as she laid without making a willful move. I watched the beauty. I love observing the aftermath. Slowly she came back and saw that I was still rock hard. She came up and kissed me, then placed me on my back. She kissed my stomach and chest. That was a first for me. I have hair on my chest and stomach. And she was the first woman who liked it. That turned me on and made me relax even more. 

Claire moved down to my dick and began to kiss it, then she sucked on it. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure, the joy. I wasn’t wrong in thinking that she would be the most skilled at giving head that I had at the time. She enjoyed doing it as well. Girls who are 17 don’t know what they like or the tricks to pleasuring a guy. Claire did. She gagged on my dick, spit on it and tried to deep throat all of it. She couldn’t, but it still felt good. Then she began to use her hand at the same time as her mouth. Taking me in deep trying to swallow all of it, she wouldn’t give up. Then slowly letting it slide out as spit dripped down my dick. Lubricant she used for her hand. It felt so good, too good. I realized I was going to cum soon. I could feel the sensation rushing from every corner of my body to my dick, as if she was just sucking it all out of me. When it all accumulated to my dick, my body numb, my dick extremely sensitive. I told her I was going to cum, she went deeper and stayed as deep as she could. Putting as much in her mouth constantly. Seconds later I came, moaning and my legs shaking, I didn’t know how to breathe. Claire kept her mouth on my dick, not letting a drip of cum escape. When I was done, she slowly puller mouth off of it, and swallowed. She had a curious look on her face when she did it. 

After that I only saw the ceiling for the next 5 minutes. She went got up and went to the bathroom. My face had a smile frozen on it. She came back and laid down next to me. “I’ve never done that before you know”. “Done what?” I asked. “Swallowed a guys’ cum before.” she said. I looked at her, still smiling and said “Thank you then.” There’s nothing better than cumming inside a girls mouth and she doesn’t take your dick out of her mouth until you’re completely done. The warmth feels incredible mixed in with the softness of her tongue.

……Part 2 will follow