Pleasuring Women

Redhead. Redheads. Redhead

A quest in bed till the death

The fire in their hair represent their heir

no despair, they ignite with a single flair

Their green eyes that lie before the fire

Vastness like the sky filled with desire

Silky smooth creamy skin part of a kin

I treat her as my Queen cause I’m her King

The sin between us lies within

burning deeper than what we believe in

I feel her, burning, yearning, learning

her lusts and desires as she trusts my fire

Her red hair is alive, moving side to side

as she moans loudly when I slide

Inside her red treasure seeking pleasure

readily able to defy any measure

We lie together as we both fly

for every second we get better

we get high, our souls tethered

as we glide through the sky

orgasms passing us by

You can’t fathom the wild side

It is random yet filled with pride

you can’t slalom around the disguise

The cries make you feel alive

for thee first time in thy life

I kiss her lips between her thighs

Her hips moved as if alive

I found the groove that soothes

and as I licked she almost died

She came quick, no lie, as I licked, she cried

The pleasure, she wouldn’t admit lead her to defy

her own limits, she didn’t know she could finish

in that design, looking up and kissing the sky as she flied

I tasted her sweetness, it tasted like her feelings

She gave me all, unable to withdrawal, I swallowed it all

Then she taste herself on my lips, an acid trip, I was about to fall

Losing my grip, I didn’t stall, any minute I was about to crawl

She pulled my hair, scratched my back I dared

She stole my air, her green eyes glared

with sensuality, a duality that could commit a fatality

Her legs squeezed tightly around me like a bear

I bit her neck, squeezed her tits, licked her ears, rubbed her clit

with my dick, then slid in into her quick, she threw a fit

The pain and pleasure, she had to commit for good measure

Allowed them to take over her body and soul, absolutely no control

She was sober, so this time she wouldn’t fold, but the game was over

Before she could even behold the sunrise from behind the cloud untold

We were connected, couldn’t be severed, I was deep inside her this December

she would forever remember the member that pried her and defied her pleasures

An Adventure, she begged me to pleasure, I told her I’m meant too forever

I ventured from her pleasured spot to her back lock, unlocked it without shock

She let me enter as I pleasured her G-spot and my stick measured her back drop

I reached the Niagara Falls, I reached the Hot Springs in Senegal, we forgot a mop

She was in denial, but her juices could have filled up an entire Macy’s shop

No need to file, her redheaded pussy wasn’t a flop, it just dripped longer than the Nile

It was red and cropped and ready to be defiled, it screamed longer than a new style

Redhead was a crazy lady, she made thee want to go crazy. Those green eyes and that fire that hides behind releases all you’re desires and makes you want to believe. That you can aspire to achieve to please her with your tongue on your knees. Please, She is tasteful, a Goddess in their own right, endless through out time, above us beyond the light. They are one of a kind, A redhead, will, forever fuck your mind.