Pleasuring Women

A fact. Every woman can squirt. Every single one.

It took me years to reach this conclusion, but after many experiences and practices that is what I’ve reached. Perhaps this is common knowledge, maybe it isn’t. All I know is that I researched by experiencing it myself. When I was in my early teens and had just moved to the States. I saw a porno online of three women laying on their back and simultaneously squirting. I was in LOVE. I thought it was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen a woman do. At the same time I was pissed that they didn’t tell us about this in my 7th grade sex ed. class. To think females could ejaculate/squirt like that, cum over a few feet and half a bowls worth. AMAZING. 

Funny though, the first time I remember I made a girl squirt, I didn’t realize at the time what it was. She probably didn’t either, because she didn’t mention it. I remember the look on her face when she reached down with her hand and felt all the wetness. This was very sexy, but I was 17, she dismissed it and so did I.

Everyone is different. That is very true. We are different mentally and physically. Our insides, organs, are different as well but very slightly normally.  A woman’s pussy is different, just like a penis. There are different methods to reach an orgasm, but in the end you still reach an orgasm. Either a very big one or a small one. The range in that varies greatly in women. In men I can’t say, as for myself, there have been large orgasms, but I can count them on one hand. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

What I do know is that there is nothing more beautiful than watching a lady haven an orgasm. Watching her cum hard, watching the build up, listening to her breathing and loud moans. Feeling her body shake, seeing it. Smelling her skin, tasting her with my teeth. Looking at the expressions on her face, seeing deep into her eyes. Feeling her body react, her hands squeeze or scratch my arms or back. Hearing the words “I’m going to cum.” turns me on so incredibly much that if I’m miles away from cumming, it can make want to cum almost immediately. That leaves for amazing moments when we both cum together or for moments what it turns me on too much that I cum before she does and only hope that she still cums. The other option is pulling out and trying to refrain from cumming, but honestly, it really isn’t an option.

When I was 19 I met a woman who was in her mid to late thirties. She was on a “break” from her husband, had been for 4 months. She was living alone and is a mother. “Sharon” had invited me over one night to hang out and drink some wine. We both knew what was going to happen, we were just being polite about it. She was short, petite woman, black hair, brown eyes, light skin. I came over and a glass was handed to immediately, she enjoyed smoking weed too. So we got high right away and then talked with the TV on in the background. Talking, wine, and weed, lead to flirting and pretty quick we didn’t stop touching each other. We entered the bedroom and I threw her on the bed, ripped off her pants and put my lips on her lips between her hips and kissed and licked. 

Sharon didn’t hold back, loud moans being released, she grabbed my hair. Her legs squeezed around my head, she was extremely sensitive. The intensity was too much for her but she couldn’t resist. The pain as she pulled my hair was unbelievable, yet I loved it. Her hips moved her pussy around my mouth and tongue. I tasted her juiced. Delicious. They were flowing out.

I hadn’t even stuck my finger in yet. (If you eat a girl out and aren’t that good in it, I highly recommend you sticking a finger or two inside of her and stimulating her “g-spot”. If you don’t know where that is, it’s on the roof of the pussy. Rub it’s entirety until you find the area that makes her scream the most.) And every woman has a “G-spot”. Sharon squeezed her thighs tightly around my head as she screamed that she was about to cum. Her body began to convulse and she came, squirting right into my mouth, face and chest. I loved it. I loved watching her cum, tasting her cum, smelling her cum, feeling her cum, hearing her cum, I loved it.

After she did, I let her be for a second. Then I continued my job and ate her out, sliding in one, then two fingers. I was rubbing the roof of her pussy, in large circular motions, then more quick taps. Seconds later she came again, squirting much harder, screaming loudly. I was rock hard, my dick was throbbing. It throbbed so hard it hurt, I couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed her legs back behind her head, took off my pants and slid deep inside of her and stayed all the way in. She screamed and moved as her pussy took it all. As I pulled out she gasped for air, then I slid it in deep and hard again. Her nails dug into my arching back, scratching it. For that pain, I made sure to pound her as hard as I could. Exiting slowly and going in hard and fast. As I went in, she screamed, hands on my chest pushing me off her. I pulled out slowly, before I was completely out of her pussy, she’d already pushed me out with a long huge squirting orgasm following. Spraying me all over, chest, mouth, I was licking the air and tasting her cum.

After she was done cumming. Sharon told me to put it in her ass. I obliged. Watching her say that turned me on. I slid inside her ass easily with her cum as lubricant. It was tight though, her ass squeezed my dick. I started out slow then went quicker and harder. The way she screamed I didn’t/couldn’t stop. Her legs wrapped around me tightly and her hands on my back, nails digging in deep. Her moans loud, breathing heavy, then gasping for air. Her pleasure became my pleasure. The closer she got, harder and deeper I went. Her climax was approaching. I could feel it it through the tension in her body. “I”m going to cum so hard!!!”, she said. Seconds later I felt her pussy squirt up against my chest. It splashed off hitting my chin, I looked down and got it all in my face and mouth, which I of course opened. I couldn’t believe it. Moments later I came deep inside her ass. After that we continued to fuck through out the dark of the night into the early morning. We needed/wanted it.

I was very fortunate that night. I experienced for the first time ever of making a girl cum and squirt from anal sex. There is something very sexy/hot about watching a girl as you fuck her ass, making her cum as her pussy squirts. At the time I didn’t even know a woman could do that, until it happened. I watched Sharon as she came with such an intensity, that for a second I got Jealous and wished I was feeling what she was. I couldn’t believe the amount of pleasure she seemed to be receiving. I saw it in her face and on her body, but I couldn’t imagine it. Imagine that overwhelming sensation of pleasure that literally leaves you breathless. You forget to breathe. I’ve experience that only once, on a very special and rare drug. (I’ve done 95% of the illegal drugs, some drugs, authorities don’t know it’s a drug, and all the pharmaceutical drugs I wanted to try. But that’s another story.) You understand my comparison though. Ladies…you’re orgasms are literally to die for.