Pleasuring Women
Tips for Eating Pussy.

Do you have any tips to eating a girl out?


Plenty. Read “The three things I’ve learned” and most definitely apply the second thing that I’ve learned. A pussy is like an oven, it needs to be warmed up first before you can allow the baking to begin. You do that by pleasuring all of her body. After that teasing is very good. When you kiss, lick, and bite (very lightly, more like a nibble actually) all around her pussy. Her inner thighs, lower stomach, and right next to her pussy lips. I do hope you know where her clit is, as well as knowing that it has a hood that you are able to push back. Make sure you tease her by licking around her clit. If you want to, you can lick the rim of her hole, after doing that a few times stick the tip of your tongue inside. You have to be patient. Unless you’re in a situation where you’re both dying and absolutely must. Other wise, take your time. Time is of the essence. Her areas above and below her clit are extremely sensitive as well. A technique I like to use is zigzagging either up or down towards her clit. Licking the top or bottom part of it only once when I reach it. With your tip, circle around it. You can get creative too if you want and blow on it lightly. Her clit should be extremely sensitive by now, so she would definitely feel that and most likely enjoy it. When you think it’s right, let her clit feel your entire tongue against her pussy ending with the tip licking her clit. A clit needs to be rubbed and sucked on. You can lick the bottom of it and lick the top of it pushing back her hood. Don’t be stingy and lick all the sides of the clit, go over it up, down, left, right, diagonally, sideways. Stay in order and make your own pattern, do it slowly, fast won’t matter. Slow is better. If you do the same thing, at least start out slow and gradually progress faster. You can either do that until she cums, or if you want to go a step further. You stick one finger inside of her, curled upwards. It’s difficult to explain but I’ll try my best. While your licking her, take your finger and slide it inside her pussy, but before you slide it in, press it up against the top part of her rim. Then follow it inside, pressing against her skin. Your finger will slide upwards, hold it like a hook, but with as little curve as possible. The tip of your finger should be inside of her, and the middle knuckle on your finger should barely be visible. You finger runs up against her inner wall, over her G-spot and with the tip (not your nail) you pull on something you can’t hook onto. Barely pulling your finger completely out of her pussy. To hone your skill, you must listen to your woman. The moans, the way she breathes, how loud, quickly, if her body is tense, her legs squeezed around your head, her toes curling, her fingers digging into your back or sheets. If you know what you’re doing a girl won’t ever be quiet, no matter how hard she tries. That is something I can’t explain, but if you figure it out, and rub her g-spot and lick her clit the right way, she will cum extremely hard and most likely squirt.  Right before a girl squirts, she gets extremely wet. Almost like a slushy sound. This makes most girls insecure. Also it feels as if they’re about to pee. Makes them uncomfortable. So they’ll tell you to stop.  Because they’re about to lose control and don’t know what’s happening. If it’s your girlfriend of 6 months or longer, I highly recommend you to continue, she will thank you for it later. If it’s a one night stand, when she says stop three times, stop. She isn’t ready and you can’t force it. When your finger is inside her, explore it. Rub it all around her inside and listen to her reactions. Every girl is different yes, but inside most people are the same. Still explore, there will be other areas inside of her that she enjoys to get rubbed. But every girl has a g-spot and it’s on top of her roof inside her pussy. Not that far in. It feels a bit rigid, little horizontal lines. Do not use your nails to go over it, use the skin on the tip of your finger. Cut your nails before you stick your finger inside a pussy. Last point, practice, don’t  be selfish. Go down on a girl for an hour or two, explore, discover and conquer.